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  1. Using Aria2 Download Manager

    I used to download the large files with wget because I can simply resume the download tasks with -c option. This option will check the size of the output file, and download the rest of the file from the server. I can even restart the download task with a different …


  2. Debian Backports

    It is well-known that Debian stable release is very stable, i.e. the packages are very old and well-tested. However, this become a problem to me.

    Since Git 1.9, we have to run the following command to silence a warning when we are running git push.

    $ git config --global …


  3. Ubuntu Bluetooth Headset

    I have bought a Bluetooth headset recently. After connecting the device, I was quite disappointed with the sound quality. Fortunately, after searching on the web, it seems that I am using the "Telphony Duplex" mode, which has low quality.

    Here are the steps to switch to the mode with better …


  4. Install GCIN on Ubuntu 14.04

    I decided to look for some alternatives to IBus input method after tolerating its long latency to switch between input methods for a long time. As a Taiwanese, both gcin and hime came up to my mind. Unfortunately, both of them need extra configuration after apt-get. Here's my note to …


  5. Fix GRUB2 Warning

    It has been for a while that my desktop PC was not showing the GRUB2 menu. Besides, I noticed that there was a warning message during the execution of update-grub:

    Warning: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported.

    After checking …


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