Vim Vundle

In the past, I didn't like to install the Vim plug-ins or new syntax highlight because all of the files were messed up in the .vim directory which makes it difficult to uninstall a plug-in.

Recently, I have come across with Vim Vundle. It is a vim plug-in manager which allows you to install or uninstall a plug-in by editing lines in .vimrc. In the next section, I would like to explain how to install Vim Vundle.


First, to reduce the possible problems, it is suggested to remove or backup your existing .vim:

$ mv ~/.vim ~/vim-backup

Second, clone the Vim Vundle:

$ git clone \

Third, add following lines to your .vimrc

if version >= 600
  set nocompatible
  filetype off

  set rtp+=~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
  call vundle#begin()

  Plugin 'VundleVim/Vundle.vim'

  " ... Add More Plug-ins Here ...

  call vundle#end()
  filetype plugin indent on

Fourth, after editing .vimrc, run following command to download plug-ins:

$ vim +PluginInstall +qall

The Vim will pop up and show the progress. You have to run this command again whenever you are adding (or removing) the Plugin directives to your .vimrc.


If you follow the steps in the previous section, you will find out that Vim will fold our reStructuredText or Markdown documents. However, I don't like these behavior at all. After some try and error, I realized that the problem is related to the filetype command in the .vimrc.

You can fix the problem by changing the filetype command to:

filetype on

Or alternatively, add following lines to your .vimrc:

" Disable auto folding
au FileType mkd setlocal nofoldenable foldmethod=manual
au FileType rst setlocal nofoldenable foldmethod=manual

Vim Plugins which I Have Installed

Finally, it's time to add more vim plug-ins. You can specify the plug-in with the plug-in names from Vim Scripts, GitHub repository names, or complete Git repository urls.

Here's the list of plug-ins which I have installed at the moment:

" LLVM assembly and tablegen syntax highlight
Plugin 'andrewmacp/llvm.vim'

" Rust programming language syntax highlight
Plugin 'wting/rust.vim'

" OpenCL syntax highlight
Plugin 'petRUShka/vim-opencl'

" reStructuredText
Plugin 'Rykka/riv.vim'
let g:riv_disable_folding=1  " disable folding

" Markdown
Plugin 'godlygeek/tabular'
Plugin 'plasticboy/vim-markdown'

Hope you enjoy this article, check out the Vim Vundle official website for more details:

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