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  1. Build qemu-user-static from source code

    qemu-user-static is an important tool for cross-architecture developers. It allows developers to create a chroot environment and run the cross-compiled programs. For example, a developer may run an AArch64 executable without the overhead of system-level emulation.

    I usually install the qemu-user-static binaries from Ubuntu apt repository. However, I encountered some …


  2. Introduction to qemu-debootstrap

    User-mode QEMU translates the instructions and the system calls. To run a static executable, you may wrap the command line with qemu-${arch}. For example, you may wrap an ARM64 static executable with qemu-aarch64:

    $ qemu-aarch64 /path/to/static-executable

    However, running a dynamically linked executable requires more efforts. To run a …