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  1. Manage Chroot Environments with Schroot

    Schroot allows users to switch between different Linux distributions or releases conveniently. As a software developer, I have to test software between different Debian and Ubuntu releases. Schroot perfectly fits my use case.

    Besides, schroot has good balance between isolation and convenience. By default, it will mount the home directory …


  2. POSIX Shared Memory

    POSIX shared memory is an inter-process communication (IPC) mechanism defined in POSIX specification. After setting up the shared memory, two (or more) processes may read from and write to the shared memory region. Compared to other IPC mechanisms (e.g. pipe, socket, etc), POSIX shared memory does not impose copy …


  3. Introduction to qemu-debootstrap

    User-mode QEMU translates the instructions and the system calls. To run a static executable, you may wrap the command line with qemu-${arch}. For example, you may wrap an ARM64 static executable with qemu-aarch64:

    $ qemu-aarch64 /path/to/static-executable

    However, running a dynamically linked executable requires more efforts. To run a …


  4. Bash Signal Handler and Traps

    I would like to launch ssh-agent and add my private key at the beginning of my shell script and stop it before leaving the shell script. How do I guarantee that ssh-agent will be shutted down properly? What will happen if the user press Ctrl-C or even kill the shell …


  5. Fix Nautilus Video Thumbnails

    I have a clean Ubuntu 15.10 installation these days. However, I noticed that video thumbnails (or previews) do not show up in Gnome Nautilus:

    Nautilus without video preview thumbnails

    I prefer thumbnails to icons. Besides, I remember that Nautilus will generate a thumbnail for each video in Ubuntu 14.04. Thus, I took some …


  6. Global Git Ignore File

    There are some files that shouldn't be tracked by Git at all. For example, the temporary files created by the text editors, the Python bytecode, and etc.

    How could we ignore those files? In the previous post, I have mentioned that we can create a .gitignore file and list the …


  7. Troubleshooting adb No Permissions Problem

    I got an Android Nexus 7 (2013, Wi-Fi) device a short while ago. I attached the device to my computer and tried to list the devices with adb devices command. But, unfortunately, I got the following error message:

    $ adb devices
    List of devices attached
    ????????????    no permissions

    In the following of …


  8. Grub Install and Btrfs Root File System

    Recently, the Linux operating system on my laptop no longer boots. It seems that the boot sector for GRUB bootloader is corrupted. I tried to reinstall GRUB with an Ubuntu LiveCD; however, I have encountered some problem related to Btrfs file system (which is the file system for my root …


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