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  1. Global Git Ignore File

    There are some files that shouldn't be tracked by Git at all. For example, the temporary files created by the text editors, the Python bytecode, and etc.

    How could we ignore those files? In the previous post, I have mentioned that we can create a .gitignore file and list the …


  2. Git Ignore File

    In some circumstances, we would like to ignore the files (or directories) under the Git repository base directory. How could we do this? For example, assume that we have a Git repository with following files:

    conv …


  3. Git Merge Base and Checkout

    Today I have learned two different usages of git command. First, to list the least common ancestor of two refs, we may use following command:

    $ git merge-base --octopus <commit_1> <commit_2> ... <commit_n>

    Please notice that --octopus is mandatory; otherwise, git will create a hypothetical commit M, which merges …